Coaching Stock

If you are starting a model railway today, you have a choice of the most perfectly realistic coaches ever made for the ‘00’ enthusiast. In 1970 we didn’t have that luxury, but we had one range that we believe was even better. Not perfectly scaled, not perfectly detailed and they had wheels which were more suited to roads rather than rails, but they had charm. We would go so far as to say they were even artistic. As a rake of five, six or seven, either corridor or suburban, they were a joy to watch and, even today, everyone who remembers them stands and stares in admiration.

Of course we are referring to the Hornby Dublo super-detailed metal moulded bogie range, with lithographed tin-plate sides. We make no apologies for still running them on all our local and general mainline services. We upgraded the running by changing the wheels to Jackson scale wheels, which needed brass bearings fitting, as we did on our seven-coach rake of pre 1965 Hornby Dublo Pullmans.

We have six lithographed mainline coaches in addition to three sleepers, four baggage/brake coaches, a postal set, a six wheeler and a restaurant car. In addition we have four rare suburban coaches.

Our Express Coaches

The second range of coaches we make no excuse for running, is our twelve ‘Kitmaster’ coaches. These are on our London to Scotland Expresses, the ‘Royal and Mid-Day Scot’ services and the ‘Thames Clyde Express.’

It is true that the more time we spend on a coach, making it, repairing it or improving it, the more we love it, and we do love our ‘Kitmasters.’ Bought as kits in Woolworth for £1.19.6d, they are true scale-length coaches with realistic, coloured plastic sides and water transfer linings. They were great value in 1970 and we do believe they threw in a capsule of glue for the price as well. A little extra weight added, the wheels upgraded to Jackson scale wheels and Peco couplings easily fitted and these coaches have performed immaculately for forty years. If we were to estimate the mileage they have covered in those forty years we must be talking 15-20 miles.

Our coaching stock is varied and versatile, always keeping cost at the forefront of our mind. we buy second-hand and alter and modify if it’s cheaper than buying new. Our push ‘n’ pull set, our four coach suburban and our pride and joy, the steam enthusiast special, with camera wielding anoraks leaning out of the carriage windows, have been searched for and haggled over.

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Sorry, there are no upcoming exhibitions. If you’d like us to attend an exhibition you’re organising, please contact us.

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